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Thanks for visiting our website.  We cover a wide range of outdoor topics including 4WD trips, vehicle repair and maintenance, camping, hiking, shooting, hunting, bicycling, photography, and a lot more. In connection with all of these activities, we support and promote the use of Ham radio as an indispensable part of any outdoor adventure. We do all this through our website and through our weekly Amateur Radio nets.  

Above, you will see several tabs which will assist you in accessing information on the entirety of our website, including, how to join, our schedule of weekly Amateur Radio nets, and upcoming events, just to mention a few.  Our Forums section tab will take you to in-depth discussions of all of our outdoor and Ham Radio topics.

We continually strive to improve, and we welcome your feedback!


We offer our Amateur Radio (or Ham Radio) nets on a weekly basis.  For those who are new to the Ham community, a "net"  is an on the air discussion of various outdoor or Ham Radio topics.  We select different topics each week and have guest speakers who share their expertise and experiences. The Nets are held every Thursday evening at 7:30 PDT (we observe Daylight Saving Time), and you may access them as follows:

  • Anywhere in the US via the Western Reflector at IRLP node 9251

  • Anywhere in the US via Echolink - connect to *World* (Ref: IRLP 9251)

  • In the Southern California area via the Keller Peak Repeater (KE6TZG) at 146.385, (+), 146.2

  • In the San Diego, CA area via the W6ZN Repeater at 449.300, 100.0, (-)

  • In the Portland OR area via the W7RAT repeater at 440.400, 123.0 (-)

  • In the Las Vegas, NV area via the N7ARR Repeater at 447.000 123, (-)

  • In the Pahrump, NV area via the N7ARR Repeater at 449.750, 123, (-)

  • In the Denver CO area via the N0PQV Repeater at 145.340, 103.5, (-)

  • In the Phoenix, AZ area via KC7GHT Repeater at 447.575, 151.4, (-)

All Amateurs are welcome. If you would like your local repeater linked to the Nets, just drop us a line by using the contact us tab at the top of this page.

You can find a preview of the current net at the Net Preview page.  Click here to view a schedule of future nets.