Wilderness Communication

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Thursday, May 11, 2017
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This week we explore the many options for communications. The well prepared traveler carries the means to communicate regardless of where the trail takes him. Some communication options work better than others, some are expensive, and some are meant for very specific applications, but you should never leave home with out the ability to reach out for help. While cell phones may be adequate for short trips, near cell towers, it is the remote location adventures where trip plans must include the right equipment.

Having the ability to call for help in emergencies is clearly the most important reason to have the right equipment, but there are many others. We know several, as listed below, but there are others and we encourage you to let us know what they are by posting or participating. Here are some examples:

  • vehicle to vehicle communication on the highway and on the trail
  • keeping track of vehicles in caravans
  • assisting late arriving members of the group to find camp
  • communicating with other Hams in the areas traveled
  • sending pictures and trip reports home
  • keeping family members advised of your trip progress and location
  • preparation for emergencies at home
  • requesting and receiving information, (e.g. radio operation, menus, vehicle repair info, etc.)
  • For the HF crowd, the ability to appreciate the benefits of night time operation