Ghost Town Esmeralda Co NV

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Thursday, August 20, 2015
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Tonight’s discussion is a trip to the ghost towns of Esmeralda County NV. And while we are at it we will throw in some factoids* about Nevada and Esmeralda County.
Some but perhaps not all of the ghost town in the County are:
• Stateline
• Blair,
• Coaldale,
• Hardluck,
• Lida,
• Goldpoint,
• Weepah,
• Gold Hit,
• Columbus ,
• Gilbert, and
• Palmetto.
We might throw in Silver Peak although it has been taken over mostly by The Chemetall Foote Corporation and Scorpio Gold Corporation.

We will not be able to discuss all of them but this might wet your appetite to explore Esmeralda County, NV.

*Factoid: 1. an insignificant or trivial fact. 2. something fictitious or unsubstantiated that is presented as fact, devised especially to gain publicity and accepted because of constant repetition.