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The Kokoweef story began in 1934, during the depth of the depression, when Earl Dorr penned his now famous "Sworn Statement", concerning his find in the County of San Bernardino. The caves which he claimed to have found were (and possibly are) in the Eastern Mojave Desert near Kokoweef Peak (thus, it's name). The extent to which the desperate times of the depression helped fuel interest in his find, is impossible to know, but logic certainly suggests that it did. The prospect of finding this "river of gold" must have been nearly impossible to ignore, especially when times were so difficult.

As it turns out, the prospect of finding such great wealth continues even today, over 80 years after Doors "discovery."  With the very kind permission of the owners, we toured the facilities and tunnels and were treated to a fascinating first hand history of Kokoweef.  The entire operation is on private property and no trespassing is allowed without the express permission of the owner.




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