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Thursday, February 23, 2017
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APRS is one of those Ham Radio things that is considered by most of us, at one time or another. Personally, in the beginning, I discovered that it had an extremely high aggravation factor. Once I got past all that, and had a well functioning set-up, it has turned out to be a very useful tool. Unless you have an electrical engineering degree and a huge reservoir of patience, it is best, if you want to get started in APRS, to get the help of someone who has gone through the process and knows how to do it.

When we started, we found it very helpful to meet and work with those who had the "know-how." If we have sufficient interest, we can plan for a get-together to help those who want to get started as well as exhibit the many different systems that we use. One of the fascinating things about APRS is the huge variety of different configurations, hardware and software programs that are available.

Our guest this week will be Jim Sanders, AG6IF, who may be known to many of you. Jim has been active with APRS for many years and several of his projects can be viewed online. We will also have a number of long time users on hand to lend their perspective as well.